Mathematical Aspects
of the Contemporary Continuum Mechanics
8.11.2021 –12.11.2021
Steklov Mathematical Institute
Moscow, Russia

The Conference will feature lectures by leading scientists. The topics include the theory of integrable systems, the theory of differential equations (both ordinary and partial), numerical methods, and the application of fundamental results to the description and study of practically significant models of continuum mechanics. The main focus will be on the mathematical description of models of hydrodynamics, hydroelasticity, linear and nonlinear elasticity theory (including elasticity of compliant media), filtration theory, phase transition theory, and gas dynamics, including the theory of boundary layer. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has not finished yet, the conference will be in a mixed format that combines in-person and virtual participation of the audience and speakers.

Participation & Registration

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The Conference will be held November 8–12, 2021 at Steklov Mathematical Institute. All lectures will be broadcasted via ZOOM. You can register as a participant here.


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Confirmed Lecturers

    The conference has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Science
    (Project No. 075-15-2019-1614)

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